Meet The Pack

We members of ‘Follow Your Nose’, are a dog friendly pack of 3, comprising of Iain, the husband, father & self-professed leader.

Tarryn, the wife, fur-mumma & general organiser of all things.

And of course Ash, our furry daughter and ‘real leader in this small but intrepid tribe…and this is our Travel Blog for dog lovers….

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help inspire you to:

  • Enjoy life and take the time to experience fun adventures with your dog/s.

  • Have the confidence to travel with your pooch and know there are so many things to see and do together that are dog-friendly.

  • Visit the many beautiful beaches, walks, towns, activities & cafes that this amazing country has to offer.

  • Feel empowered and educated about how to ensure your dog/s remain fit & healthy so that you can enjoy a long life of adventures together.

  • Know that there can be another way to live, that doesn’t leave you feeling trapped in a 9 to 5 job. If you love to travel and want greater freedom in life, there are many different ways to generate an income whilst travelling.

  • Travel when you want to travel. Not to put it off until, “One day when we retire we’ll explore this great land”. We want you to know that, with a bit of planning and preparation you can do it now if you want to!

So that you can get to know us a little better, we would each like to introduce ourselves.


Rainbow Beach, QLD

Hi, I’m Ash. I came into my Mum & Dad’s lives 10 years ago.

I started off in the UK, living in Essex and enjoying weekends away camping and exploring the Counties. My ‘Hoomans’ then decided to move out to Australia, as my fur-mum is originally from there. But before we left the UK, we hired a Motorhome and travelled around England, Wales and Scotland for 3 months.

This was my first big taste of life on the road and I loved it!

Once in Australia, we initially settled in Mornington, Victoria for 2 years. Then moved to Perth, WA, where we again settled for a couple of years, before deciding that we wanted to explore more of this incredible country.

So, before we knew it, well actually it did take a good few months of planning. We had sold the majority of our possessions, and bought a Caravan and a 4×4 and off we went.

Darlington Beach Resort, Arrawarra, NSW

And that’s been us since February 2018 …. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long already!


Our Adventures had begun…


To share our travels with family and friends, we decided to set up a Facebook Page called ‘Follow Your Nose’, which I obviously heavily feature in.


This has now ‘morphed’ into a dedicated Blog, where we hope to help, inspire & connect with other dogs who own ‘hoomans’ and love to go on adventures too.


My favourite things about travelling Australia include, spending endless days visiting beaches, playing in the water, going fishing with Dad and supervising all cooking on the BBQ

Fishing at dog friendly Five Fingers Reef, Coral Bay, WA
Five Fingers Reef, WA


Dog friendly Soldiers Beach Nnorah Head Wyong NSW
Soldiers Beach, Norah Head, Wyong, NSW

To be honest, I’m just practicing at being retired after completing 30 years of service in the City of London Police.

I now get to enjoy all aspects of the travelling lifestyle, including fishing & golf whenever I have the opportunity.

I have always had a love affair with dogs. Enjoying the company of a number of family Labradors, whilst growing up in the Highlands of Scotland.

When the opportunity arose, I became a volunteer at a Dog’s Refuge in Perth, WA. I worked part-time for a couple of years and loved the connection I had with so many animals, who were just needing some genuine love and attention.

My favourite aspects about travelling Australia with our pack include, taking the 4×4 onto beaches and setting up for the day fishing and swimming together. Also, searching every cafe we visit for the best Mocha I can find 😊.


2019-04-02 11.16.51
Ulverstone, TAS

After working 15 years in Investment Banking in both the UK and Australia, I started to search for a better way to live.

I wanted a life with more freedom and to work the hours I wanted to work. Without the commute into an office each day, or having to ask for time off to travel.

When Iain retired from the Police, this was an added incentive to find a way to work online. To be able to spend more time travelling together and enjoying life more was the goal.

Over the years, I have undertaken studies to gain qualifications as a Project Manager, Mindset & Online Business Coach, Naturopath & Nutritional Therapist.

Whilst I haven’t taken the traditional career path with any of these qualifications, I feel they all complement what I’m interested in learning about in life. I enjoy sharing information and my personal experiences with others, so a Blog seemed the perfect fit!

I’ve always had a great love of travel and get itchy feet if I stay anywhere too long, (Iain will verify just how true this is!).

I also have always had a great love of animals. So now as a ‘fur-mumma’ I feel very grateful that I get to share this amazing journey with you.

My favourite things about travelling Australia are enjoying exploring new places together every day and making memories that last a lifetime with Iain & Ash. I feel like a little kid at Christmas time whenever we hit the road to move on to a new place. That bubbly excitement of exploring somewhere new, finding great places to go for a coffee or lunch together, the best beaches and walks…’s the best!

We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have and happy to provide any information to help you on your adventures.

Just use our Contact Us page to get in touch.

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