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House & Pet Sitting

Why We Love House Sitting

After spending the first year of our travels around Australia living out of our caravan 100% of the time, we were craving the comforts that come with having a home, but we didn’t want to settle down just yet, as we are still loving travel and exploring new places.

We had heard from others that we had met whilst travelling that House-sitting for others when they were away on business or holidays was a great way to enjoy the base of a home for a short time whilst we explored a new area.

Both Iain and I (Tarryn) love animals and have enjoyed volunteering regularly at a Shenton Park Dog Refuge in Perth, WA when we were living there, so we also thought that Pet-Sitting might be something we would both enjoy and it would also give Ash the chance to socialise and spend time around other dogs, and animals, as I’m sure she gets bored with us ‘hoomans’ some times!

So after doing a number of stints House & Pet Sitting we can safely say we LOVE IT and would highly recommend it to others travelling also.  We are avid fans of Aussie House-Sitters website.  When we first looked at House & Pet Sitting we joined a number of websites to post our profile on, but we would have to say that Aussie House Sitters has brought us the best connections and has a website interface that is effective and efficient to use to regularly check for new opportunities.

To learn more about House & Pet Sitting take a look at the Aussie House-Sitters website as they have compiled a wealth of information explaining how the agreement works between both the sitter and the home owner.

We were also members of and

Our Availability

We are currently unavailable to House & Pet-Sit, although who knows what the future might bring if and when we are to resume our travels.

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Any question please feel free to use the Contact Us form and get in touch. 

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