Adventures Around Australia

Join us as we travel around Australia with our dog Ash and discover all the great places to visit, whether you’re doing the ‘Lap Of Oz’, planning a holiday interstate, or a Day Trip we’ve got you covered.

We love searching for new places which are super pet friendly and exploring the beautiful beaches Australia has to offer. We will be sharing it all with you, right here!

If you have questions and concerns about travelling Australia with your dog then please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We want to inspire you to not think twice about hitting the road as there is so much fun to be had with your fur-buddies.

We have tried to address many common concerns which we’ve heard from others thinking of hitting the road long-term and travelling Australia with a dog, along with sharing some of the challenges we’ve faced as well.

We spent 2 years on the road and had a fantastic time. 

Every day was a new adventure making memories that we will cherish forever.

For now we have paused our major travels and settled down back in Mornington, although we do still intend to continue or travels doing shorter trips.

Travelling​ to Tassie

There are so many fantastic places to visit in Australia and it wasn’t without excitement when we decided to start planning the Tasmania part of our ‘Adventures Around Australia’. I say ‘planning’, because unfortunately you

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